Owners Recommend ShipHawk – Top Rated Ecommerce Shipping Software

Ecommerce Shipping Software

Owners Recommend ShipHawk – Top Rated Ecommerce Shipping Software

When you look at all of the ecommerce shipping software options on the market right now most have them offer the same things such as ease of use and tons of features. And while both of those things are great things to have, sometimes it’s nice to have a software that can offer you something more than that, and that is where the ShipHawk software comes is and we are going to tell you a little bit about it bellow, so make sure to keep on reading.

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Small Business Shipping Fees


As we mentioned above, having a plethora of features is always a great thing to have, but the thing that really makes this software stand out from the competition is the calculator that the solution offers. This special calculator has been designed especially for the ShipHawk and it can be used to calculate the expenses for items that are really hard to ship because they are oversized or because they are very unique. Some of the other features that this software offers are giving you the ability to provide shipping options to your customers, real time tracking updates, it allows you to set up your on automatic shipping rules and so on.

Ease of use

If there is one thing that people can take as a drawback when it comes to this ecommerce shipping software it could be the fact that it isn’t super easy to use. By this we mean that this software really isn’t as intuitive as most of the other options out there which makes it a little bit more difficult to work with, but if you give it a good amount of time you will definitely be able to figure it out, so just give it time.

Who can use it

Every shipping software has a target base of businesses that they want to offer it to, and when it comes to this one we can say that it is best suited for larger businesses. If you are a business owner whose business spends over $500 thousand a year on shipping, then this is the perfect solution for you. We did say before that the calculator is perfect for calculating the expenses for large and unique products, so if your business deals with that kind of products, then it is the perfect choice.


Since this software is made for large businesses, it only makes sense that this isn’t the cheapest solution out there. There are three pricing tiers. The first one is the starter plan that starts at $250 per month for businesses that spend over $500 thousand on shipping over the course of a year, the second plan is the pro plan which costs $2000 a month and it is intended for businesses that spend over 2 million dollars a year on shipping, and the third and final plan is the enterprise plan that starts at $4.500 and it’s intended for businesses that spend up to $25 million a year. As you can see, things can get pretty expensive, so this software is definitely not for everyone.

If you have a large business and you are looking for something a bit different than the standard ecommerce shipping software, then this option can definitely be the one for you. Since the people behind ShipHawk realize that it is a big investment, they offer a free demo of the starter plan, so make sure to take advantage of it before you commit.


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